Our Philosophy

The Founder

The Co-Founder of Casableu - Amitabh Sen & Nafis Saiyed’s voyage as entrepreneur and brands owner in textiles started some 20 years back.

Amitabh Sen

Amitabh Sen


MBA International Business

Nafis Saiyed

Nafis Saiyed


Textile Engineer

Mrityunjay Srivastav

Mrityunjay Srivastav

Business Head

“If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together”

-African proverb.

Working together for 12 years in various companies together and in different global location, before starting the entrepreneurial journey, made them realise that the real potential and talent can be harnessed by doing it themselves. Textiles being the most traditional industry does needs its improvisation from time to time. Casableu was conceptualised in 2017. It is a completely online furnishings brand offering range of products to make all homes beautiful.

In the early days of their journey they had realised that traditional channels would be unable to reach every corner of the country and going the online route would only democratise the accessibility of a nicer product for the end user.

Who We Are Today

Casableu is a furnishings house dedicated to the designing, manufacturing & dispatch of curtains, cushions, beddings, tabletop products, fabrics, kids etc.

We differentiate clearly on 3 parameters: Sustainability, Out of the world designs & functional products. This stems from 2 decades of our textiles journey.

Based in Surat (Mecca of Textiles in India), we manufacture everything in house. From concept to packaging we do it in house.

CASABLEU - Home that reflects you.

Casableu is a French word meaning a blue house. We always wanted more and more houses to be beautiful homes. We manage to do for thousands of homes every month. We believed

Home that reflects you.

Less Copy, More Original.

Less Frill, More Functional.

Less Everybody, More You